Alex Anpilogov

I'm currently leading a team of designers and prototypers at Facebook Reality Labs, building productivity experiences for next-generation computing platforms.

Prior to Facebook, I started or contributed to a very diverse set of projects in various cross-functional roles.

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Selected Past Projects

✏️ Product & Service Design

BrandBox 2018
Digital platform and service for launching physical stores at speed and scale

Miele 2018
Custom-built digital interactive touchpoints in an experiential store

Lynk&Co 2017
New car mobility membership and shared ownership service

🔎 R&D

Foxconn 8K Lab 2018
Hardware and software prototyping lab for next-gen display technology

Real-time Mixed Reality 2016
Merging the real world and VR experiences using depth sensing

Hyundai Futurology 2016
A study of future trends and their applications to designing spaces and experiences

📱 Social Media

wrudrow 2019
Augmented reality (AR) camera effects with 2+ billion impressions

NGIL 2018
Lifestyle brand covering food, events and travel

💰 Businesses

TeamMunch 2017
Food ordering and delivery platform for work teams

Synergy 2015
UK startup investments from overseas HNWIs

FancyMags 2016
D2C e-commerce company delivering printed Instagram photos on magnets

🎇 Experiences & Shows

On Your Wavelength 2015
Brain-controlled (EEG) audiovisual laser installation

House of Pain 2013
Voice-controlled interactive LED multistorey sculpture

Sunburn Cubezoid 2012
Live VJ stage show with moveable objects, one-way mirrors and projection mapping

🎬 Films

Natural Born Poker Player 2015
Interactive web first-person POV video series with branching narratives

Protovision 2014
A vision film for an AR-enabled laboratory

Adidas: Speed of Light 2013
Leo Messi in a LED suit shot in slow-motion at 1000 FPS